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Full Documentary: Keep the Hives Alive

Bees and other pollinators are declining at an alarming rate and an overwhelming number of scientific studies link these population declines to pesticide use. Unfortunately, uses of toxic pesticides are having far-reaching impacts on a wide range of environments – everything from urban parks, to croplands, to beeyards and aquatic ecosystems. Beekeepers, farmers, and consumers all need a healthier environment for bees! Learn more by visiting their website or watching the documentary below.


Darien Community Fund Recognizes Michael Sgroe as Darien Land Trust Volunteer of the Year

Each year the Darien Community Fund recognizes one volunteer from each Darien charity. This year’s Darien Land Trust community volunteer is Michael Sgore.

Michael joined the DLT Board in late 2018 shortly after retiring from a successful career in banking technology and just after he and his wife relocated to Darien. Michael identified with the DLT’s commitment to land conservation and quickly became involved, agreeing to co-chair the Darien Land Trust’s Stewardship Committee.

In addition to revitalizing and streamlining the Stewardship process, Michael has made invaluable contributions across the Board. We recognize Michael for sharing his enthusiasm, diligence and insights with the DLT as well as Darien Park & Recreation, Darien Community Association and Saint John’s Church. Our Board and community is very fortunate to have someone who recognizes the wealth of amenities and natural resources Darien enjoys as well as the importance of the town’s commitment to care for these resources.