2024 Spring Appeal

Thank you for your commitment to protecting Darien’s land.

As a community-based nonprofit that does not receive town, state or federal funding, 100% of our financial support comes from donors like you.

With nearly 230 acres under conservation, our properties require year-round maintenance. But that isn’t all – they need to be enhanced – to improve visibility and accessibility and create learning opportunities for visitors. For 2024, we’re embarking on transforming Olson Woods, one of our most cherished preserves.

2024 Kickoff

Olson Woods, once a dumping site for construction debris, was donated in 1989 to the land trust and the years-long process of reclamation began. Bordered by the dynamic Noroton River which feeds a pond teeming with aquatic life, Olson Woods and adjacent Piacentini Preserve create a peaceful respite in a densely populated neighborhood. 

Your donation is critical to launching the next phase of restoration

Debris removal

Rain Garden Installation

Invasive Plant Removal

Native Barrier Planting (Bioswale)

Enriching Pollinator Meadow

New Parking Area and Trail Head Access

Educational Signage

Trail Restoration

Improving our properties like Olson Woods increases visibility, accessibility and optimizes learning opportunities.

However, there’s more we aspire to accomplish, and your support is critical.

Additional projects awaiting funding include:

  • Install boardwalks at Dunlap Woods and Cherry Lawn Park
  • Build new trails at Brush Island
  • Restore native meadows at Piacentini Preserve
  • Plant native trees at Salisbury

Your generosity ensures that these projects come to fruition, enriching our community for generations to come. Please donate today to support our vital conservation efforts.