Incl. Musket Lane

OWN 13.22 acres


This property was transferred in July 1977 from Calve Enterprises to LT of Darien.

It is 13.22 acres of river flood plains feeding Five Mile River. It has a population of diverse wetland species and is a refuge for many types of wild life. However it is a flood plains and subject to periodic severe water damage. It marks the border between Darien and Norwalk.

In the 1980s and 1990s it was used extensively in the spring and fall for river study programs for Darien and Norwalk 4th graders and other groups.

The upriver section starts at Old Kings Highway Road Bridge & is lush, while the down river section is shaded by thick woods. DLT has used it as a public access property.

The record floods of 2007 did much damage to the whole area and the property was (temporarily) taken off the public access list.

The downriver section is also accessible from Musket Lane but the access point is across the driveways of two private houses and not easy to see. An attachment* to this summary explains the complicated reason for this but essentially we have granted easements to the two neighbors for their driveways. Nevertheless we are fully entitled to enter there and then walk down the steps into the woods. Two of our monuments on either side of #15’s driveway designate the entry point. (One behind the fire hydrant and the other to the right on the lawn)
* By 1974 property developer “Raymond Estates” had built a house (#11 Musket Lane) whose driveway was mistakenly built over what became DLT property (Access parcel A).

This came to light in 1997 when the house was being sold. To solve the problem we granted them an easement. In 2001 a second (#15) seller requested a similar privilege. This was also granted after the whole of Traendly, and the access points on/near Musket Lane were monumented in December 2003 by William Seymour


  • Jan 2008- A huge garbage collection was organized with Rubio Landscaping after the 2007 floods
  • Aug 30 ’08 CF visits site with eagle scout prospect Erik Vitte (and his parents Father- Steve)
  • By Feb 2009 about 15 scouts completed the trail clearing, clean up and placing of a large cedar bench (tethered to a tree) that was donated by Larry Brown (arborist.)